Create a Permanent Shine on Latex Balloon Sculptures and Prevent Oxidation!

NEW & IMPROVED Balloon Glow Pro!

Water-based formula to give your balloons a class-like finish!

Balloon Glow

No Buff / Shine / Protectant

Create a permanent no buff shine

Create a Glass-like Finish & Maximize the Color Intensity of Ordinary Latex Balloons.


Spray and walk away

How does it work?
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Balloon Glow International, LLC is an Oklahoma-based company with a  strong presence in global market spaces. The founder, D.W. Greenhoward, found his way into the billion-dollar latex balloon industry through his experience as a car salesman. D.W. leveraged his years of sales experience and business acumen to build cost-effective marketing strategies through forward-thinking decorative displays, with balloons. From there, he began his journey of engineering the Balloon Glow product line and scaling the operations into a million-dollar business infrastructure.

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We see the key to the success of the Balloon Glowbrand is our distributors. Our goal is to connect with experienced business leaders with the talent and knowledge to drive the partnership while efficiently serving our core customer bases. As a Balloon Glow distributor, you can anticipate Balloon Glow International LLC to provide your business with immaculate service and support to create win-win partnerships.

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