Balloon Glow International, LLC is an Oklahoma-based company with a  strong presence in global market spaces. The founder, D.W. Greenhoward, found his way into the billion-dollar latex balloon industry through his experience as a car salesman. D.W. leveraged his years of sales experience and business acumen to build cost-effective marketing strategies through forward-thinking decorative displays, with balloons. From there, he began his journey of engineering the Balloon Glow product line and scaling the operations into a million-dollar business infrastructure.

D.W. has built a successful reputation with groundbreaking  entrepreneurship, a strong sense of self-worth, appreciation, and good old-
fashioned southern hospitality. His presence in the decorative balloon industry is in high demand for seasonal events and marketing campaigns
with car dealers in Oklahoma and Texas. The Balloon Glow brand has established strategic partnerships throughout the decorative balloon
industry by building relationships throughout his career.

DW Greenhoward

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Quick and easy to apply, requiring absolutely no buffing.
Provides an instant and permanent protective shine
Economical to use: low cost per ounce and available in bulk quantities.

  • Water-based Formula Delivers Same Great Results As Balloon Glow “Original” Spray And Walk Away Polish
  • Requires No Buffing
  • Professional grade easy to apply