Have questions about our innovative balloon polishing products? You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

Why was Balloon Glow No Buff Shine & Protectant developed?

Balloon Glow wasn’t originally intended to be sold. The product was developedby professional balloon decorator and entrepreneur DW Greenhoward more than10 years ago as an effective way to polishand protect his clients’ balloon sculpturesfrom oxidation that wouldn’t be costly ortime consuming. Balloon Glow wasinformally introduced at the WorldBalloon Convention in Dallas, Texas,and made availableto the public forpurchase in 2012.

*Note: Balloon Glow is sometimes referred to as “Balloon Glow Original” sincethe inception of Balloon Glow Pro

Why is Balloon Glow advertised as a "professional-grade" balloon maintenance product?

When Balloon Glow Original entered themarket in 2012 it was the first balloonpolish for professional balloon decoratorsthat didn’t require buffing. After 10 yearsof sales, and hundreds of satisfiedcustomers, we still consider Balloon Glowto be the best balloon polish for thediscriminating professional balloondecorator. To be considered professional-grade, Balloon Glow continues to meetthese important quality specifications:1. Quick and easy to apply, requiringabsolutely no buffing. 2. Provides aninstant and permanent protective shine.3. Economical to use: low cost per ounce,and available in bulk quantities.

Can I use Balloon Glow & Balloon Glow Pro on balloons that will be displayed outdoors?

Yes, both can be used successfully on balloons that will be displayed both indoorsand outdoors.

Will Balloon Glow & Balloon Glow Pro decrease the float time of helium filled balloons?

Decreased float time is possible, although uncommon.

Can I use Balloon Glow & Balloon Glow Pro on imprinted balloons?

Yes. Neither will cause imprinted artwork to smear on high-quality balloons.