Balloon Glow Pro


Maximize the shineness and color intensity of ordinary latex balloons for birthday parties, balloon bouquets, and seasonal balloon decorating projects at home in minutes with Balloon Glow Pro Water-based No Buff Polish. Pro is an innovative water-based polymer that can be quickly applied to latex balloons without labor intensive buffing to create a permanent shine that prevents oxidation.

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  1. Use a drop cloth to protect floor from surface spray when treating balloons, and removing them.
  2. Important: Adjust spray applicator to the finest mist setting.
  3. Point applicator 12 inches from balloon and apply one even coat in an up and down continuous motion. No buffing is needed. Balloons will reach full shine and color intensity in about 20 minutes. Key features: User friendly, water-based formula ideal for home users and balloon decorating pros. Same great no buff, “Spray & Walk Away results” as Balloon Glow Original

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Balloon Glow Pro

Balloon Glow Pro 32 FL OZ (1 QT) 946 ML, Balloon Glow Pro 10 FL OZ 473 ML, Balloon Glow Pro Gallon 128 FL OZ